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Getting it perfect with tAccess. SUBTITLING Ever noticed subtitles that are out of synch, difficult to read or inaccurate? We have and it drives us mad! There are all sorts of softwares and subtitlers out there but we only use the best. Our team of professionals will originate, translate, time, reversion and deliver multi-language subtitles in any file format, in any style, for any platform. It could be a feature film translated into over 25 languages for broadcast or a TV series reversioned and translated for online streaming.

One of our subtitling strengths is our knowledge and proficiency in producing subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH, HOH).

You name it, we’ll give you quality, accuracy and speed.
Getting it perfect with tAccess. DUBBING A dubbing script is not like any other translation. There’s so much more to it - tone, time synchronisation, mouth-movement synchronisation. And then there are the voices, which need to be imaginative, adept and appropriate. In short, there’s a knack to it and our international, multi-language team of voice artists have it.

And, thanks to our wider technological capabilities, production, editing, formatting and delivery seamlessly match the high quality of the product.
Getting it perfect with tAccess. AUDIO DESCRIPTION We want to help you bring your content to your whole audience and that means providing you with the very best audio description for your blind and visually impaired viewers. So what does 'very best' mean when it comes to audio description? It means clear, expressive, vivid audio, carefully written and perfectly timed to complement the existing soundtrack and enhance the viewer experience.

And this we can produce and deliver to you in multiple languages and with a very quick turnaround.
Getting it perfect with tAccess. TRANSLATION Our team of talented translators don’t only translate films and TV programmes. Many projects include good old-fashioned text translations for websites, magazines and newspapers, and we’ll do that for you too. For this, our turnaround really is lightning fast - we regularly produce news transcripts just a few hours after broadcast. Scripts, transcriptions, prose, exported subtitles – it’s all part of our service to you.

Our in-house team of translation experts coordinate and manage a worldwide group of more than 300 translators and personally QC their work to ensure a constantly high standard.
Getting it perfect with tAccess. TRANSCRIPTION Maybe you just need a text representation of your content? Well, we can provide you with high-quality transcripts. It could be a basic, dialogue-only transcript or a time-coded and labelled full production transcript. We can combine this service with our translation service to deliver transcripts in multiple languages. With references, spellings and details carefully researched, our professionals produce, QC and deliver accurate transcripts quickly.
Interactive accessible information with tData. TIME-BASED METADATA In one frame of one second of film, there is a wealth of potential information on screen - scene locations, product brands, actors and actresses. Today's audience isn't satisfied with simply watching a film. They're no longer happy to just be a passenger. They want to get involved, interact, be immersed.

We have created highly-specialised software which automatically captures on-screen image and time information. This gives us a frame-by-frame map of the film. Then humans take over. Our team research and write accurate and enlightening information tags, which will delight your audience.

With our time-based metadata, your audience can touch a face on screen at any time during playback and see that actor’s profile. They can touch a car and see the make and performance details. They can touch an historical building and immediately see its name, its location, its opening hours. With our time-based metadata, relevant and precise multi-language information is present and accessible in every single frame.
Interactive accessible information with tData. RICH METADATA Your audience wants more - more information, more interaction, more content, more product opportunities. We know you want to give your audience what they want and also have the opportunity to get creative with advertising and promotion. That’s where our rich metadata comes in.

We offer multi-language rich metadata, such as full programme information, including cast and crew and production details. They will see links to official websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, product prices and purchase opportunities. They can view related images and video clips.

Our editorial team don't just reproduce text and images. This isn't a cut and paste job. They carefully and creatively edit, resize and clean images, video clips and text so that they are perfectly suited to each platform and each device.

There is a world of information within every scene, but it’s hidden. We’ll help you reveal it.
Interactive accessible information with tData. DEEP EPG When we say that our deep EPG solution is the industry leader, we really mean it. We already provide EPG and related information for over 1,000 channels in different countries and in different languages. With our electronic programme guide, your audience can access 14 days of accurate television listings which update dynamically for HD, catch-up channels and on-demand. But it doesn't begin and end with television. Our EPG includes information about when programmes can be seen on other digital platforms, giving your audience more viewing opportunities. We include thumbnail images, episode synopses and actor and director profiles, and can even dynamically schedule advertisements for specific programmes, genres, channels, broadcast regions and times of day.
Preserving video forever with tDigital. DIGITISATION & INGEST Not only do we digitise and ingest from any type of tape with a lightning-fast turnaround, we also produce detailed and comprehensive tags and perform full QCs for picture and sound quality. Our sophisticated, integrated facilities mean that we can do all this with very large volumes of content.
Preserving video forever with tDigital. DIGITAL FILES & TAPE STORAGE We will store, manage and carefully archive your content, so that it can be retrieved and delivered multiple times and at very short notice. We have vast storage capabilities, so volume is never a problem for us. As for security, we take the care of your materials very seriously 24 hours a day.
Preserving video forever with tDigital. TRANSCODING & ENCODING So you have your content but it's not in the appropriate format? No problem. We will transcode/encode your content, providing you with a seamless service, all ready for delivery.
Preserving video forever with tDigital. REVERSIONING When you need your content in a different format, in a different style, for a different platform, we will reversion it with skill and efficiency. We will conform your content to the required timecodes and video type. We will synchronise the visual and the audio, editing where necessary, and we will offset and reposition subtitles.
Preserving video forever with tDigital. DELIVER Whether your content has been enhanced with our collection of access services, reformatted and reversioned, or just stored with us, we will delivery it in any format, for any platform, according to your timetable and your requirements.
Introducing tButton. tButton is a cross-platform manager of favourite video content and the real-time delivery platform for our vast and incredible library of data, services and information, enabling it to be mined, repurposed and synchronised. It provides an economical route into new markets for localised content licensing, enabling you to launch services in different countries and languages without the need for localisation.

tButton offers 3rd party sites a wealth of information and services for their audience. Through tButton, your audience will have access to multi-language subtitling, dubbing and EPG, face recognition and Just Tagging. You avoid the high production costs associated with such services, as they've already been created. Through tButton, we can share them with you and you can share them with your audience.

With the tButton app downloaded onto your device, you can manage TV programmes and films from other apps and websites. You can access our interactive functions – Just Tag and face recognition - and you can choose to have subtitles and dubbing in your own language as you watch videos from your favourite websites and apps.
Introducing tButton. Just Tag This exciting new interactive function brings the audience into a community of information sharing. The viewer can create their own tags for actors, locations, products, just by touching the screen. If they know something the wider audience would like to know, they can share it. Of course, we'll be checking all this information and verifying it. This is a whole new level of interaction.
Introducing tButton. Face Recognition This is a unique function which allows the viewer to simply tap an on-screen actor to see their biography, filmography, website and social network links. The same function enables advanced brand interaction, with the viewer tapping an on-screen product or location in order to see detailed specifications and brand websites.
Introducing tButton. Multi-language Subtitling And Audio This function brings the audience closer to the content and gives them linguistic freedom and choice. They can access translated subtitles and audio in many different languages, broadening viewer access.
Introducing tButton. Multi-language EPG With our EPG engine, the viewer has a powerful discovery function at their fingertips, which can search across platforms to locate content and related information, like synopses, cast lists, video clips, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.
Content on any screen with tPlayer. Today's audience expects to be able to watch high quality content on any screen, at any time, wherever they are. tPlayer is a media-grade, next generation application platform which allows broadcasters, digital cable operators and content owners to publish high quality content to multiple devices and platforms, including iOS for iPhone and iPad, and Android.

tPlayer’s unique functions include its multi-language subtitling and audio system, a deep EPG engine, a flexible advert platform and the Just Tag social video function and face-recognition system. So this means that broadcasters and content owners don't have to develop a high-cost platform - we can offer a cost-effective solution. And, with our label service and bespoke UI, our clients can launch their own player service quickly.
More About TVibe Since 2007 we’ve developed a creative collection of services which currently provide many international media companies with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

There’s tDigital for ingest, storage, encoding, reversioning and delivery. There’s tAccess for multi-language subtitling, dubbing, audio description and translation. There’s tData for time-based metadata,Deep EPG and rich metadata.

Our in-house developed tButton is a unique and powerful information library and delivery platform. tButton offers 3rd party digital platforms a wealth of multi-language subtitling, dubbing, timed-based metadata, deep EPG and rich metadata. It gives the audience the ability to download the tButton application onto tablet and smartphone, offering access to a vast array of functions and information from anywhere and on any platform.

TVibe is growing. Every year we receive more work from happy clients and more work from new clients in many different countries. Our clients trust us. And why wouldn’t they? We deliver tailor-made solutions quickly, creatively and cost-effectively.
Our Clients TVibe is growing. Every year we receive more work from happy clients and more work from new clients in many different countries. Our clients trust us. And why wouldn’t they? We deliver tailor-made solutions quickly, creatively and cost-effectively.
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